Grendel’s Raid–December 14, 2012

Slinking out from the suburban fen,
The Kevlar-coated fiend
Will have blood.
Spawned in the neon glare of videogame gore,
Grendel, the grief-giver, is reborn.
From his dark lair, he lopes,
Guided by blood lust.
He stalks the asphalt roadways
To proud, high-walled Sandy Hook School–
A fortress for Truth-seekers and Fact-finders,
Its gold glimmers in tiny human forms–
Such tender treasure trove–priceless beyond measure.
Cain’s seed shatters the door’s steel locks
With his crackling death sticks.
Counsellors fall prostrate before the terror-monger;
Their plaintive pleas ignored–
No mercy bestowed on the 20 cowering younglings.
He ravages on into death’s dark vortex,
Slaughtering all in a wide death swath.
Eternal death-sleep came swiftly,
Thus, Mankind surrendered Hell’s portioned tribute
As they always have……

WbtR author Nancy West is a retired English teacher.

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