A modern day romantic comedy releasing just in time for Valentine’s Day.


Ellen Butler’s fourth novel, Planning for Love, (Book 2 in the Love, California Style Trilogy),  released on January 26, 2015, is now available  on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for your reading pleasure.

About “Planning for Love”:
Poppy Reagan is a Type A personality who runs her professional life with the precision of a Swiss watch. After catching her latest boyfriend cheating, she decides it’s time to take her dating life as seriously as she does her business. She swears off the bad boys and strategically maps out a plan to find an honest, attractive man to become her life partner.

As she works her way through a summer of dates ranging from crazy to plain boring, she begins to wonder if her soulmate’s even on the same coast. Her foolish emotional spirit secretly yearns for the sexy Ohio dermatologist she met on a trip to Hawaii last year. The one who she insists is “just a friend,” because she refused to engage in a long-distance relationship.

Will her heart overrule her head and move this California girl to the Midwest?

Enjoy a Short Excerpt from “Planning for Love”

To: Adam from Hawaii
From: Poppy Reagan
Subject: Don’t do drugs, kids.

Here to bring you today’s entertainment. So, my latest computer date was supposed to be a successful marketer. At least that’s what his profile indicated. He instead decided to visit an Ashram last week, and while there, apparently found the meaning of life through yoga and wacky tobacky. He’s quit his job, and while craving the munchies, decided to take me to a well-known eatery called … El Taco Bell. Yes, that’s right he offered to take me to the Bell, the place with the Chihuahua ads.

Adam, you know me. Do I look like the type of woman you should take, on a date, to the Taco Bell? I didn’t think so. Here’s the embarrassing part, I was actually buying his guru-intellectual-life-affirming crapola until I realized his serenity came from too many tokes from the bong. That’s it. I’m off computer dating and plan to start having my friends set me up with normal people.

To top off this fun-loving week, my mom announced she’s coming in for a visit after my trip to Denver. I’ve told you a little about her. I’m worried this is the beginning of her next divorce and all the accompanying drama that goes along with it. Ugh!

Looking forward Denver and connecting with a normal human being.



Read what the Reviewers are saying about “Planning for Love” :

“Poppy, a California party planner, stops by her boy friend’s apartment to drop off some items for their special Valentines Day dinner, she finds him cheating on her. What she does is priceless!! You gotta read it!” — 5 Stars from Harps Romance Book Review   –Read the Full Review–

“What a fun and entertaining read, with the perfect amount of romance and heat. This story was realistic and the characters were written beautifully. I could not put this book down.” — 5 Stars from A Beautiful Book Blog

About the Author:

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Ellen Butler lives in Prince William County and holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Policy.  Her history includes a long list of writing and editing for dry but illuminating professional newsletters and public policy papers. The leap to novel writing was simply a creative outlet for Ellen’s overactive imagination to run wild.

Professionally, she belongs to the Virginia Writers Club, the Northern VA Writers Club and Write by the Rails. Ellen is admitted chocoholic and confesses to a penchant for shoe shopping.


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