Robert Bausch Author of "As Far as the Eye can See"

Robert Bausch, Author  ‘Far As The Eye Can See’


WbtR Monthly Meeting Wrap-Up for January 15th 2015

Last Thursday, we had the distinct pleasure of welcoming one of our own as a guest speaker, local author and teacher Mr. Robert Bausch.  Among other things he shared his experience as an author with candor, humor and profound sentiment.

Here’s What You Missed If You Didn’t Make It:

Robert Bausch, author of nine books one of which was made into the film ‘Bruce Almighty’ (Disney bought his book Almighty Me.) Sadly he sold his rights to Disney, so he lost his copyright and thus an additional income from the film.

But Mr. Bausch, a lively speaker, full of enthusiasm is clearly in love with the creative process of writing.

One his own favorite books is Life and Fate by Vasily Grossman which, he says, is better than War and Peace. A quote he loves from that book is: “Is there any limit to the human imagination?” Another example of great writing was Joseph Conrad who, he told us, was Polish but wrote everything in his second language, English.

Mr. Bausch says he writes from the point of view of the character. He warns against type casting characters. He adds, “Purity of writing is just for myself.” Underline purity and myself!

He and his twin, also a writer, born in 1945, will host Woodbridge Writers Retreat. Please check their site for details. Along with Mr. Zoellner for non-fiction, they will assist no more than 12 people, thus giving needed individual attention to each writer.

Mr. Bausch’s newest novel is ‘Far As The Eye Can See.’ This is an odyssey through the Old West. After the Civil War, a veteran who never knew his real name, takes the name Bobby Hale, and heads toward California only to find that rampant violence plagues both his dreams and the vast landscape unrolling before him. Meeting up with the native Indian tribes, he learns how to overcome the mistaken belief by the white race that all Indians must be viewed as dangerous and warriors.

Recorded By:

Patricia Lipe-Daly

Secretary, Write by the Rails


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