WbtR Facebook Group Code of Conduct

General Rule: When replying to others – especially those with whom you disagree – imagine you’re having a face-to-face conversation, and ponder how differently you would interact with those people while in the same room, looking each other in the eye, as opposed to hundreds/thousands of miles away. Remember “The Golden Rule”!

A handy guide to netiquette: http://www.livinginternet.com/i/ia_nq.htm

Respectful behavior: Please avoid personal attacks, insults, slurs, and profanity in your interactions. Refrain from racist and/or sexist comments and attacks. Treat one another with civility and respect. This will also include sarcasm and passive aggressive comments.

Advertising/Solicitation: We ask that you refrain from posting unsolicited advertisements that do not pertain directly to the intended use of this group. Posts such as these may be removed without notice.

Posts to personal sites, especially those without direct relevance to our movement and/or related topics, are also discouraged and may be removed without notice.

Please post links to newly published works, events of interest and tools of use to authors. We are here to support each other.

Posting links: Before posting links to outside websites and videos, please take a moment to scan the page and see if someone else has already posted a link to the same page/topic and/or video. As a courtesy to fellow group members, please also take a moment to summarize the content of the page or video you’re linking to. The summaries that Facebook will generate (based on the content of the page being linked) doesn’t always accurately reflect the content as a whole.

Relevance to Topics: Please ensure that your comments are relevant to the subject at hand. It is normal for some topics to drift from the stated subject. However, to ensure maximum benefit for everyone, we encourage you to keep your post as close to the subject as possible.

Posts such as calls to be added to friends lists, to join their Facebook games, politics, etc. will be removed.

Over-posting: Please do not treat the WbtR page as your own personal soapbox. We have many people in our community, and our wall receives a lot of posts. We ask that you do not post new topics in rapid succession, in an attempt to monopolize the dialogue. Multiple duplicate posts, and multiple posts on the same topic or in the same tone will be removed on sight (the first of those duplicates may be left in place).

A word of caution: Repeated postings of comments to public posts in a short period of time may cause Facebook to temporarily block your account from posting further comments. If this happens, a pop-up message will appear. This is a function of Facebook and is automatic – the page administrators have no control over this. This affects posting on *all* public posts on *all* Facebook page – no matter their subject matter.

Violations:  Any violations of these codes of conduct will be addressed by the admins in the following way:

  • Private warning
  • Public warning
  • Removal and ban from the group

Confidentiality: Please keep in mind that our communities are public spaces, so don’t post anything that you don’t want the world to see.

Please treat our page as if it were one big living room; treat others here as fellow guests. Everyone should have a voice, and everyone deserves to be heard; resist the urge to talk over each other, or to talk so loud as to dominate the conversation. Conduct yourself in a civil manner as you would in that living room; do not be surprised if behavior similar to tipping the dining room table over and hanging from the chandelier results draws unwanted attention.

Posts made to the WbtR Facebook pages are subject to removal at any time, and membership in the group is subject to review and/or termination at any time, at the discretion of the creators/operators of this Facebook page.

Reinstatement Policy: If a paid member has been banned from the WbtR Facebook discussion group they may apply  to be reinstated by taking the following steps: Apply for reinstatement by composing an email indicating that they have read and understand the Code of Conduct regarding communications via the Facebook group. Email it to writebytherails@gmail.com for review by the board. Upon consideration, if approved, the board will notify the group Admins to extend an invitation.

NOTE: All bans will be one month minimum. A probation period of one year will remain in effect and is considered the first warning, per the Code of Conduct. If the behavior continues, bans will continue with the minimum duration doubling each time (ex: 1 month, 2 months, 4 months).


Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in comments made by those who participate on the WbtR  pages are the personal opinions of the authors; not of WbtR. Opinions expressed by participants are not necessarily endorsed by WbtR.