Write by the Rails is at the point of a vote:
Do you want Write by the Rails to remain a loosely-organized local networking group?
Or, do you want Write by the Rails to organize as “Write by the Rails, the Prince William Chapter of the Virginia Writers Club”?
June Forte, President of the Virginia Writers Club, met with 12 of us on Sat., Sept. 15 at Trinity Episcopal Church.  She gave us a chapter startup kit, application and a great presentation of the requirements and benefits.
The requirements to become a chapter: we would need to have five people join the Virginia Writers Club at $30/year dues (two of our group are already members).  We would elect officers, establish bylaws and have two representatives drive to Charlottesville or Richmond to meet with the club each year.
The benefits include a 501c3 designation, the ability to apply for mini-grants from the state club (and perhaps the Prince William County Arts Council, if they accept Write by the Rails as a member group), listings on the state website’s bookstore for all authors who join, and for those of us who offer editing services; also writing contests, educational programming, and more.
If you need more information, check out the state website at www.virginiawritersclub.org and follow the links to the other nine chapters to see what they’re doing.
Thank you to June Forte; thank you to Chip Deyerle for drafting bylaws and thank you to everyone who attended the summer meetings exploring this issue. 

Stacia Kelly is sending a survey link to the e-list.  If you haven’t received it by Monday, Sept. 17, send an email with your name and email address to writebytherails@gmail.com and Stacia will send you the survey.  Or, click here to access the survey.

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